Scene 8

A collaborative project with Julieanna Preston and Roy Parkhurst that speculated upon the future design of Wellington City. The installation formed part of the Reclaiming: Northern Gateway Exhibition held at the Wellington City Gallery 1999.

Rather than providing a formal urban blueprint of the city the project was informed by Constants New Babylon where character, narrative, chance, and encounter describe the future city. In this inhabitation mobile scenes (identified as both character and psycho-geographic space) traverse, at random, the urban surface, around and through a series of collective towers: points of stimuli within the frame. These blinking light towers in turn support a narrative based sound scape that loops randomly describing the city occupants and their activity.

Initiated by:
The Architectural Centre, Wellington

Reclaiming: Northern Gateway Exhibition
Wellington City Gallery 1999

Architecture Design (ed) Iain Borden "New Babylons" 2001.

Fragments. Out of the dark.

Locker#148. The Exchange

An investigation into the space of performance, Fragments was an exhibition of theatre design coincident with the Wellington International Arts Festival 1998.

Locker #148 (re)presented elements of a theatre performance design of The Exchange, a play by Paul Claudel performed at Downstage Theatre 1997. A forensic analysis of "chromatography strips" of the scenic elements of galvanized metal, timber, oil and concrete formed a new spatial dynamic, itself performance, within the space of the locker.

With reflective surfaces to the base and ceiling of the interior the columns continued in vertical infinity. The fates of the characters are given new expression and articulation in matter and space. These thread in a transitional world, are measured, galvanize and separate.

Fragments: out of the Dark
Victoria University School of Architecture 1998
Theatre images:
The Exchange by Paul Claudel
Performance by:
Under Lilis Balcony Theatre Co.
Downstage Theatre Wellington 1997

Vogel: Confessions of an Animator

As part of the Wellington Fringe Festival 1996 this experimental theatre production explored the life and times of Julius Vogel. This text based performance operating under the umbrella of "Factory " was an interpretive and experimental performance investigating techniques in theatrical production- text, atmosphere, sound and scenography.

Vogel: Confessions of an Animator
Factory: production supervisor John Downie)

Studio 77. Victoria University Wellington.

Too High the Son

This theatrical production concerning the first aviation flight of New Zealand's Richard Pearse, written and performed by Under Lilis Balcony Theatre company. As a travelling show the scenic elements were designed to fit multiple performance venues. The physics of flight, the Canterbury plains and expansive sky informed the design and scenic construction.

Too High the Son:
Under Lilis Balcony Theatre Company

Downstage Theatre Wellington 1998
Maidment Theatre Auckland 1998