Each commission is a unique investigation into ideas of matter and space.

The design process is a creative one, involving the generation and critical testing and evaluation of ideas. These are explored via conceptual drawing, modeling and contextual studies, detailed presentations and documentation. Often this is a collaborative exercise with specialist fabricators and associated consultants. Construction is an active engagement between architect and contractor.

2 m3 Cement:
Specific gravity = 3.05
6.8 m3 Coarse aggregate:
20mm crushed stone. Graded.
Specific gravity = 2.68
Water absorption = 1.46

3.2 m3 Fine aggregate:
Natural type. Sand
Specific gravity = 2.6
Water absorption =1.4

Target mean strength:
TMS= 20MPa
standard deviation and statistical constant

W/C ratio selection:
moderate exposure

W/F ratio selection:
assume entrapped air + 2%

1 m3 water:
potable quality. Neutral ph